'Artist's Book'- 'Ode to Life! Կենաց'   

Presentation of Krikor 's 'Artist's Book'- 'Ode to Life ! Կենաց ' in The Bodleian Libraries. (a copy of the Limited Edition in the collection of The Bodleian Libraries). A talk and presentation by Krikor in2020 in The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, UK. 

This 'Artist's Book'  'Ode to Life! Կենաց' - 'Songs for Christmas' of Krikor Momdjian reflects the essence of the development of his artistic creations in Images and Words in the last 40 years since he settled down in The Netherlands. This book is mainly a Celebration of Life as a 
constant renewal - the core of his work, expressing simultaneously his philosophy of 'Transcultural Relations between colours, forms and numbers'. Inspired by the Christmas carolling in the manuscripts of the Medieval English Literature, the original manuscript of this 'Artist's Book' was exhibited in the Bodleian (Redesigning - The Medieval book, 2017- 2018). The languages used are English and Armenian (his mother tongue).
This is a printed Limited Edition with a hard cover in linen, upon which two original monotypes (on front and back cover).
 In the book there are three full page poems,14 short poems as a whole, 27 images (etchings).  

Krikor Momdjian Backcover of the Artists Book Limited Edition

Krikor Momdjian Frontcover of the Artists Book Limited Edition



'ARTI my Love' - in Amsterdam

Two works of the recent series - Inspired of questioning the show in the society Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, as I wrote this poem in my diary, when I met Mondriaan and Breitner. Vincent was also present...
The first one will be shown at the exhibition Zomersalon // ART 'N SOCIETY ( July 16 - September 3. 2019).

'Encounter in ARTI ( Four Edged)'

Dear Vincent, yesterday at our meeting in ARTI
with Mondriaan and Breitner, you have seen and
heard how Piet was very angry at me and said: 
'Krikor, you should be more Radical and stop being 
emotional, dealing still with your sad past and your
parents' pain. Your uprootedness I understand it well. 
'Home' is inside each of us, you know that damn well. 
Remember it for once and for all. Take care that you 
think clear and straight - looking at the future where
in a Cosmological Unity we could all together one day 
touch Infinity'. 
I looked at you Vincent, totally submerged in thoughts
as I heard you saying: 'What are you all talking about? 
Look around you and try to embrace the Beauty of Life! 
In pain I could see all passing by swiftly. All is about Love,
here, now!'. Then you disappeared as a cloud noiselessly. 
George was all this time almost still. He enjoyed listening to
our abstract talk. He stood up to leave as Piet looked at me
with his anxious piercing eyes and before leaving he said: 
'Think about what I said to you my friend, Life is too short'.
I remained in the society building, totally alone and lost. 
Looking at the dark corner where three stars now happily
were waving in space hypnotised. We were all in ecstasy.
Krikor Momdjian 
(A page out of my diary)

ARTI my love I Krikor Momdjian

ARTI my love II Krikor Momdjian

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