'The World of Dido' - Berlin project

Performance of krikor during concert in Berlin (15 April 2018).
In a collaboration with the composer Christoph Ostendorf, during the concert
'The World of Dido' and the Release of the new CD of Univocale, Krikor performed
as an Artist-Poet by reciting a selection of his poems telling short stories.
Looking forward to collaborating in a following project in Berlin with an exhibition of Krikor's paintings
together with a new concert with the poems of krikor set to music by Christoph Ostendorf.

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Concert Univocale in Berlijn. 15.4.2018

Concert Univocale in Berlijn. 15.4.2018 2

Concert Univocale in Berlijn. 15.4.2018 3

Concert Univocale in Berlijn 15.4.2018

Exhibition at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Redesigning the medieval book (1 December 2017 - 11 March 2018)

It is a great pleasure and honour that my latest 'artist's book' inspired of English medieval literature is selected to be presented at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. among a selection of submissions of invited contemporary international bookbinders, papermakers, calligraphers, illustrators, graphic designers, hand press printers and other artists. 

Layout Artbooks in the Bodleian Oxford University

Layout Artbook Krikor Momdjian in the Bodleian Oxford University

Momdjian open pages

Momdjian 01 cover of the book

Momdjian 02 back of the book

Momdjian 03 an open page

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