Krikor Momdjian's first UK show at the Pembroke Art Gallery  was officially opened on 13 October 2016  in Pichette auditorium  with the presence of the Master of Pembroke College Dame Lynne Brindley, who received  the first copies of the two recent publications,  one on Krikor's artworks the other one on his poems in Armenian,  Dutch, French and English.  

This official presentation was the result of Krikor's Oxford Project  which started two years earlier in collaboration with Professor  Theo Maarten van Lint, who invited krikor and organized five translation  sessions in Pembroke College (from 2014-2016) with his students,  academicians and other participants to translate krikor's Armenian  poems into English.  

The curator of the Pembroke Art Gallery Sarah Hegenbart with Meris  Ryan Goff organized the exhibition of his artworks, a variety of early  and recent paintings, etchings and an installation specially made for this  exhibition.

Part of this joyful event was the special performance of in Berlin-based  composer, Christoph D. Ostendorf who set to music a choice of Krikor's  poems and came to play himself on the piano accompanied by  Bass-Baritone, Florian Hille.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays  from 12-2pm. Final day 25th November 2016). 
For more information  visit www.pembrokejcrart.org

Invitation to PMB Gallery opening Oct 2016

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Deelname aan Holland Festival


Broken Dreams I my father on his white horse

Honoured being invited to be part of a programme of Holland Festival in Amsterdam. The Art of Remembrance - De Balie, Amsterdam. Podium / di 9 juni / 20:00 uur. De kunst van het herinneren: 100 jaar Armeense genocide. Click here for more info.

More information on the Holland Festival can be found on their website.

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