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27 August 2023

Opening Exhibition at Parkvilla by Mayor Liesbeth Spies

The official opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the special publication 'Letters to Vincent / Brieven aan Vincent' at Parkvilla - art education center with a theater, in Alphen aan den Rijn, on August 25, 2023.

Mayor Liesbeth Spies opened the exhibition with a wonderful speech after which Krikor thanked the Mayor and the organizers of the event at Parkvilla and all present invited friends. After telling about the exhibited works and about the special publication, he handed the Mayor the first example of the book 'Letters to Vincent'. 'I enjoyed every minute of the event in gratitude. It was a great honour to hear from the Mayor those heartfelt encouraging words. The special publication 'Letters to Vincent' represents my thankfulness for what the Netherlands has given me in the last 44 years. Many dear friends and family members were present. We raised the glass together at the end - 'To Life'! What a joy! Lovingly, Krikor'.

1. Opening Event At Parkvilla. 25.8.2023
2. Opening Event At Parkvilla. 25.8
3. Parkvilla   Expo. Krikor Momdjian 24.8.2023   12 10
4. Transcultural Relations VII   West
5.   Boustenen II. 2003. 92x64 Cmingelijst 121x91 Cm 2003. Krikor Momdjian
6. A   Letters To Vincent   Brieven Aan Vincent. Front Cover. Krikor Momdjian
6. B   Letters To Vincent   Brieven Aan Vincent. Back Cover. Krikor Momdjian
7. Parkvilla   Expo. Krikor Momdjian 24.8.2023   12 10.2023