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28 May 2024


The exhibition in Drenthe, organised by the Art Route - GKV, is a great success. A presentation/solo exhibition at De Galerij, in IJhorst. 16 May - 2 June 2024.
I also gave a lecture on of May: 'Encounter at the Crossroad - with Vimcent and Piet in Drenthe'.

I am very pleased and grateful that these new paintings in large scale are shown, referring to my first encounter with the Dutch nature 45 years ago.
My desire to be close to the nature and start with my career as a multimedia artist painter became a reality, after leaving Paris in 1979. The recent paintings reflect my ideas and emotions when I revisited the very special spot in Nijeveen, which I call 'The Crossroad'. There I encountered Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian. These paintings reflect different aspects of my impressions and concepts I have developed in the last 45 years.

Several poems reveal those emotions in words, while the paintings express them visually in the 'Encounter with Vincent and Piet - on the Crossroad' and in 'As a Butterfly' and in 'Ecstasy' and in many more.

 03 Home Sweet Home Encounter on the crossroad in Nijeveen. 200x200 cm 2024

04 As a Butterfly on the crossroad in Nijeveen 200 x175 cm 2024

05 Ecstasy Encounter on the crossroad in Drenthe. 120x110 cm 2024

06 Still van de Film in Drenthe 29.1. 2024 K. Momdjian

01 Exhibition in De Galerij. May 16 2 June 2024 2

07 Lecture. Krikor at GKV 23.5