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21 September 2020

Exhibition of the Manuscript of the Artist's Book - Ode to Life! Կենաց 'Songs for Christmas' at the Bodleian Library - 'Redesigning - The Medieval book' (2017- 2018).

TV interview ( from Armenia, Iammedia.) in the Bodleian in Oxford, during the exhibition of the manuscript of the Artist's Book - Ode to Life! Կենաց 'Songs for Christmas' ... (in Armenian).
For those who don't speak Armenian:
The video - TV interview was a surprise interview by the Armenian TV at the Bodleian Library, as I give answers about the manuscript of the 'Artist's Book', exhibited with the other selected new creations of the international participants. That I feel honoured and pleased that my book was selected for the exhibition. Also speaking about the two publications as result of the Oxford Project in collaboration with Professor Theo Maarten v(an Lint. One of the books is about my poems (the Armenian poems translated into English during the translation workshops organized by the professor in Pembroke College), the other book is about my artworks, which were exhibited at The Pembroke Art Gallery, in Pembroke College, University of Oxford.
 Frontcover of the Artists Book Ode to Life Կենաց Krikor Momdjian. Limited Edition
Bodleian Library Oxford University show Artists Book Krikor Momdjian
 Bodleian Library Oxford The show Artists Book Krikor Momdjian